Head of Information Technology

Job Summary:
Responsible and accountable for the smooth running of our computer systems within the limits of requirements,
specifications, costs, and timelines. Supervises the implementation and maintenance of the Company’s computing

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Systems/Application Development or Enhancement
    ✅ Help identify system/application solutions that will address the users’ requirements.
    ✅ Initiate discussion with group leads on requested systems or enhancements.
    ✅ Manage the development/enhancement, documentation, and implementation of a new system or
  2. Data Processing and Application Support
    ✅ Provide initial assessment on application issues and allocate the right resources.
    ✅ Manage resolution of application support issues
    ✅ Manage the provision of access and licenses
  3. Infrastructure Management
    ✅ Enhance, and manage the company’s operating networks to provide high-speed, transparent, and highly
    functional connectivity among all information resources.
    ✅ Ensure network connectivity and applications are always running at optimum level as expected.
    ✅ Manage security and availability of all the company’s electronic information and IT assets.
    ✅ Establish and maintain a disaster recovery mechanism or business continuity plan.
  4. Technical Support
    ✅ Administer and maintain digital security at the premise’s main doors.
    ✅ Administer the service desk.
    ✅ Maintain the Company website.
  5. Vendor Management
    ✅ Liaise with partners and service providers for support of existing services or engage vendors on new

Team Management
✅ Conduct annual planning with the team and prepare the annual and other periodic work plans of
✅ Monitor the progress of the work of subordinates and conduct performance reviews periodically and
✅ Recommend Technology’s budget and ensure that the team functions within the approved amount.
✅ Motivate members of the team, act as a mentor, and foster camaraderie within the unit
✅ Ensure that each staff is informed of how they can grow professionally with the company, and actively
be involved in their career development plans, with succession planning in mind.
✅ Address and resolve conflicts that may arise within the team, or between the team and other units of the

✅ Train new hires or less experienced members on the various functions of the unit.
✅ Identify training opportunities within the company, or those offered by external parties, then plan and
implement a training program to ensure the team’s continuous professional growth and awareness of
recent developments in the industry.
✅ Pursue further training, or complete relevant designations to strengthen experience and expertise.

Job Category: Information Technology
Job Type: Dayshift Full Time
Job Location: Hybrid Philippines

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