Recruitment Process
Outsourcing (RPO)

Our Directors have worked for, and risen to the top of some of the world’s most well know and successful Recruitment companies. We get recruitment!

What we offer?

  • Resource Consultants
  • Candidate generation and shortlisting of your vacancies
  • Serious Market Mapping – a skill almost lost these days!
  • CV formatting – by professional multi-media experts
  • Business Development/lead generation
  • Digital Marketing – proven track record of increased industry awareness
  • Reference Checking – Discreet and professionally undertaken
  • Executive/Virtual Assistant – whatever your needs, whatever time – done on time every time!

Why work with
Remote Sourcing?

  • We have the largest database of global candidates in The Philippines – how does access to 500M candidates sound? Yes, half a billion and growing by the minute!
  • We have the most powerful search tools in the industry – zero doubt! Let us show you.
  • Our senior leadership team have been Directors within Recruitment Companies in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, UK and Japan. We get it!
  • The price is right! Access to recruiters here in The Philippines is extremely attractive vs. the major financial cities. ROI is ridiculous compared to hiring a resourcer in an established market!
  • Filipinos are extremely hard working, and have the most fluent English communication skills in Asia.
  • We only hire staff who have graduated from the top universities.
  • Quality and output of staff is at least on par, if not better than hiring locally.
  • We provide all the tools, such as PC’s, 24/7 IT support, payroll, HR,  office facilities
  • Your staff work your hours, our office is open 24/7