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Remote Sourcing specializes in 3 fields of recruitment

Remote Sourcing

We take pride in our recruitment executives and their prowess in sourcing top candidates in various areas of specialization and technical roles.

The Remote Sourcing recruitment team works round-the-clock to find potential candidates suitable for the roles needed by the clients. Sourcing isn’t their only focus – our recruitment executives also closely study a company’s core values to find and recommend the best candidates in terms of culture.

Our team has supported numerous companies across the APAC region with our tried and tested recruitment process. We value confidentiality at the highest level and ensure that our clients’ companies aren’t revealed until the latter part of the application.


Our end-to-end RPO services provide businesses with the recruitment support they need – whether it’s On-Demand, Function-based, or Full RPO.

• On-Demand
A contract-based agreement with a specified duration and a number of roles. This type of RPO service offers full flexibility to clients who only need to outsource a part of their recruitment process. On-Demand RPO is also commonly utilized during hiring spikes.
• Function-based
Function-based RPO is more suitable for sourcing niche roles. Recruiters in this landscape have the technical know-how in understanding the qualifications to find the most suitable candidate in terms of skill, experience, and expertise.
• Full RPO
Signing up for a Full RPO means handing over your company’s entire recruitment lifecycle to our team. The end-to-end solutions from sourcing, screening, assessment, and onboarding are taken care of by our talented recruitment executives.
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Local Market Recruitment

Local Market Recruitment
Remote Sourcing recruiters also look after clients in the Philippine market. Our team works with startups, large enterprises, and multinational companies that need help in finding the right people to grow their businesses.
Our key specialties for Local Market Recruitment include:

Insurance industry

We cover all facets of Insurance Recruitment across the APAC region.

Our emphasis is on technical roles that require insurance industry experience such as Actuarial, Underwriting and Claims, Distribution, Risk and Compliance.

Our mission is to be the number one domestic and regional supplier of talent for insurance organizations. We support local and international clients across Asia within Direct, Reinsurance, Consultancies, and Brokers supporting Life, Health, and General Insurance commerce.

Key insurance roles we recruit:

Why clients trust Remote Sourcing for their recruitment needs:

5 working days process.

Low attrition rate of Remote Sourcing placements.

Credible and proven recruitment process.

Sourcing exceptional and high-achieving candidates in their industry.

Our team learns about your culture to provide you with the best-suited candidates.

Strong ties and a wide network of contacts that refer candidates to us.

Make Hiring Easier!

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